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We are The Visible Group. We began in 2005 with an insatiable desire to release creativity. What began as designs for apparel & church identity development led to marketing strategies & being hired by universities & other businesses.

For several years, The Visible Group has experienced somewhat of a grassroots growth movement as clients began to rave to their friends... who told their friends... who told their friends... & on & on. Hence, the need for additonal designers, marketers, & developers to join the team was inevitable. As word got out, it seems the right people came along. Now, The Visible Group has partnerships with some of the most gifted developers, artists, designers, business minds, & creatives in the business. As we grow, so does our ability. And quite frankly, we are not willing to stop learning.

We have certain values that influence everything we do. Our team is made up of men & women of character who are willing to be held accountable to high levels of integrity, service, & fun. We take each project seriously & exhaust our resources to make sure your goal is reached. Yet, we don’t mind taking a day off when the weather outside is too good to be true. We think that everyone benefits by this.

We’re different & we think you’ll love it!!!





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